144 MHz, Quadruple-Quadlong - DK7ZB design

I have managed to finish my new antenna - Quadruple-Quadlong designed by Martin DK7ZB. The gain of this antenna is 9 dBd. The reason why I have chosen this antenna is simple. I don't have a garage where I could build and store my antennas here in Chesterfield (UK) at the moment, so everything has to be simple, portable and small. I used PVC electrical conduit pipes and designed and printed some parts needed for the construction. Overall I am happy with this antenna and it works very well. My longest contact with this antenna was 869 km during Marconi memorial / A1 contest in Novemeber 2017.

 3D modeling

The brass tubes are fastened by cable ties.


Practical realisation with the 3D printed parts

50 Ohm choke with RG-142



The antenna during Marconi memorial / A1 contest