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Narda Power Divider 1-2 GHz, Model 4312-2

S11 and S21 measurements of a power divider (Narda 1-2 GHz, model 4312-2) are presented in the following figures. A VNA (pocketVNA) for S11 measurements and a spectrum analyser with tracking generator for S21 measurements were used. As can be seen the S11 results are a bit noisy therefore I interpolated the measured data with a short script written in Python for easier reading. It can be seen that the divider performs really well.

S11 Measurements:


S21 Measurements:


HackRF One: EMI Shield + Aluminum Enclosure

HackRF One is a software-defined radio capable of transmission or reception of radio signals from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. I bought this radio for my tests more than one year ago. It came in a plastic enclosure and as it can be seen in the following picture, it was not RF shielded even though the PCB was prepared for it. Therefore I decided to buy an RF EMI shield and an aluminum enclosure. Furtheremore, the shield came also with a PCB testpoint and a 20 position header that I added as well.

QCX CW Transceiver Kit

Last weekend I finished my new transceiver for my SOTA (Summit On The Air) activations. This is a single-band TRX with power of 2 - 3 W by QRP Labs. I chose to build one for my favourite HF band 7 MHz.



I have performed a quick measurement of the output power measuring the pak-to-peak voltage across a 50-Ohm dummy load. The results can be seen in the following figure. From the practical point of view when the transceiver is used on battery power, the output power is 2 - 3 W, so a good antenna is needed. :)

23cm Transverter (28 MHz / 1296 MHz) - DB6NT KIT

This week I have finished my new transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. Even though there is still a lot of work on this project, I am very happy that the main part is done. :)

Digi-mode interface for Yaesu FT-897D

I have finished a new interface for my FT-897D which I want to use mainly for VHF contacts using meteor scatter (MS) as the propagation mode. I made this interface very simple. I used two audio transformers 1:1 (600:600 Ohm isolation transformers), one optocoupler (CNY17-1) for PTT and USB to RS232 converter cable (PL2303 Chipset).