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Smith Chart - Examples


1) Normalized impedance, short circuit



2) Normalized impedance, open circuit


3) Zin = ?, Z_l = (200+j100) Ω , Z_0 = 50 Ω, l = 2m,  λ_tl = 10 m

Oscilloscope - XY mode - images

Sometimes you have to try something, although it is not really useful. :) I used my sound card, Matlab for the signal generation and an oscilloscope in XY mode.










How to install GNU Radio

The installation of GNU Radio doesn't have to be straightforward. The following script works well for me. See the screenshot from GNU Radio website.

Screenshot GNU Radio




How tu run miniVNA PRO in Linux Mint

MiniVNA PRO is a small Vector Network Analyzer with frequency range from 100 kHz to 200 MHz.

  • Download VNA/J to your folder.
  • Make it executable (chmod +x)
  • Run (see the following screen shot)